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MapperXML is a presentation framework for web applications. MapperXML framework uses components to build applications. The components follow the Model-View-Controller pattern.

The framework makes strict separation of the html and java application code. The html does not contain any code or special mark-up. The html is parsed into a W3C Document (DOM), manipulated by the components and sent back to the client.

Many of MapperXML components also provide data binding capabilities. These components can bind to simple Java beans and collections of Java beans.

This framework also introduces events to web applications. The single web request is expanded into a sequence of events which are dispatched to the components. The events and programming patterns are very similar to Java Swing applications.

The framework is extensible for other presentation applications (reporting, data exchange, etc) by extending and implementing appropriate containers, components and subcomponents.

The overall architechure is very flexible because of the extensive use of subcomponents. All components and containers are made up of subcomponents which can be easily replaced or extended to provide new behavior.

Overview of MapperXML
figure 1 - MapperXML Architecture