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MapperXML Examples

This project includes some simple examples for building applications and using components. These are in the MapperEx directory of the distribution. The examples include:

Form Name Description

FirstPage Some of the basics of ServletForms and a TextField.
ActionPage How to respond to events from Triggers and other components.
InputPage Input/output features using TextFields and VOValueHolder.
LookupPage How to use Fields as parameters to lookup and display data.
OverridePage How to override most of the ServletApp methods.
ParameterPage How to use Parameters in a ServletForm.
SelectPage The HTMLSelect component's basic use.
SelectPage2 The SelectModel's use of multi-property list items (eg code/description)
ShowHidePage How to show/hide parts of the XML/HTML document.
TemplatePage How to use a Template and a VOCollectionValueHolder.
VOValueHolderPage Basic use of a ValueHolder.
CheckboxPage Basic use of an HTMLCheckbox.
ResponsePage How to modify the ServletForm's response. You can send the html/xml document (default response), redirect the client to another page, send a stream to the client (eg send a file) or send a http response code.
UploadPage Basic example for uploading a file to ServletForm. This is done using the built-in HttpMultiPartServletRequest feature of the ServletForm.
FormatPage The basics of using formatting for fields.
InvoiceListPage This example shows how to display hierarchical data (parent/child or master/detail). This display lists multiple invoices each of which have multiple line items. This example also shows how to use multiple views/documents within the same ServletForm (great for multi-language support).
RenderPage This example shows how to customize the rendering process for ServletForms. When displaying multiple values in a list, you can customize the display for each items as it is rendered.
ComponentFactoryPage This example shows how to use a ComponentFactory to automatically create and bind components. This eliminates the need to manually create a component for each element in the document you want to render.
CustomComponentPage Example of creating and using a custom compound component for a Date field which is broken into 3 parts: month, day and year.
SubFormMasterPage This example shows how to nest ServletForms. The main page includes other ServletForms to process and display sub-sections (header, footer, side bars, and content section). This feature provides a way to reuse sections in different pages, or a way to build "frame-less" frames.
InventoryPage This example shows how to input multiple rows of data using the Template component and input components. Multiple rows of data are first displayed with the Template, then processed when the user submits their edits.

(there may be additional examples in the current distrubution)

Notes for Running MapperXML Examples

See the install.html file in the sample project's root folder for instructions